Bubblekid is a new brand devoted to natural cosmetics entirely dedicated to children's care, from the mother's womb, throughout their growth.

From an idea by Alice Basso and with the quality of  Organethic Pure Care, in 2020 families come together to give life to the new brand that will take care of your children. The desire of a loving mother to dedicate a delicate touch and a natural cuddle to her children meets the philosophy of a company that has always been used to creating natural products recognized for its values ​​of ethics, versatility and quality. The first line dedicated to the world of children is born, with 5 fundamental products: Shampoo, Conditioner, Detangler, Oil and Shower gel.

Our philosophy

Our products are suitable  from the pregnant belly of the mother, to newborn's cradle cap  (Body oil), the first baby bath (Shampoo and Body Wash, Leave in Conditioner), the child haircare and the disentanglement of the children's hair throughout their growth (Illuminating Oil).

Ours is a comprehensive approach to children care as a whole, and it's the driver we have in mind when studying and developing new products

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Our values

  • Safety: all our products are specifically thought with children's health in mind
  • Honesty: we keep promises and our prices match our product's quality
  • Nature: all our active ingredients are products of mother Earth
  • Quality: our products are born from years of research and development in our laboratories
  • Comprehensiveness: we have an all.around approach to children's care
  • Convenience: our products are delivered directly to your house, you only need to think about cuddling your children
  • Ethics: we respect environment, people and animals
  • Versatility: our products are suitable for pregnant mommies to newborn babies and grown children throughout their grow path